Some of the places visited by Richard White, Lord Berehaven 1826-1834

With credit to the excellent work done by the late John Cornforth*, I would like to present here a brief outline of some of the places noted in Berehaven’s passports between 1826-1834. Berehaven started by visiting Geneva and Genoa in that year and followed up with visits to Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Vienna in 1828, of course it is possible that this was something of a round trip, as it was not unusual for the young men of the Grand Tour to spend two years or more travelling through the continent. However, more research will be required to show whether these were separate trips or part of one extended journey.

Then in 1829 he visited Italy again with perhaps another return trip visiting Copenhagen, Berlin, Leipzig and Warsaw in 1830. Spain was a very popular destination with visits recorded in 1831, 1832 and 1834. Berehaven traveled for over 20 years, but as his journals are no longer extant, thought to have been lost in a fire at the Estate Offices in Bantry House, it will be quite an interesting task to try and piece together his various journeys through his sketchbooks and correspondence.

More will be posted as it becomes available.

Footnote: * I refer here to the articles by John Cornforth that appeared in Country Life in July and August 1989.

Featured Image is from Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia :


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